S.  Vendemmia - Aversa, I. Pezone - Aversa, D.  Perri - Aversa, V. Ferrara - Roma, M. Vendemmia


The birth of the Italian Society of Hospital Paediatrics (SIPO) has opened new avenues to hospital pediatricians who, despite the not excellent contribution of the State, have always tried, with immense difficulties and sacrifices, to provide useful help and assistance. Hospitallers have often dreamed of a better future, a recognition of their efficient and hard daily work, a stance by the institutions to recognize their efficiency, merits and academic qualifications.


Therefore, the hospital doctors, to improve their knowledge and the quality of the services provided have organized numerous congresses and refresher courses in Italy, are "grown up "culturally comparing and analyzing their heritage of many and countless rare experiences. They also began to publish books to publicize the results of their work and experiences.These initiatives have been successful in Italy and, for this reason, matured in them the idea of an extraordinary project:"SIPO IN THE WORLD".This idea also arose from the evolution of modern medicine and from the awareness of the role that Scientific Societies should adopt in national and international relations in the face of new technologies and new concepts, the medicine of the 10 P, from the medical-centric to the patient-centric system, etc.It was considered necessary and useful to export our way of exercising pediatrics across national borders. This policy has been very useful in strengthening the relationships of scientific, professional and relational collaboration.By now the Europe of the third millennium cannot only represent a difficult aggregation of peoples and cultures, not always similar and concordant, but must also unite the different personalities with mechanisms of collaboration and coordination.These ideas and initiatives, if really felt, can constitute an additional system to facilitate the true aggregation between us Europeans with colleagues from other continents.


SIPO’s experience in the world has now surpassed 15 years of activity, achieving extraordinary contributions and successes. In December 2008 it was signed in Antalya, with the Turkish Society of Paediatrics, the first protocol of understanding and collaboration between the two Societies.On 20 April 2008, in Tehran, the Italian SIPO Membership was nominated for theUMEMPS (Union of Mediterranean and Middle East Paediatric Societies). Subsequently several Scientific Societies were founded with Romania, Arab Countries, Albania, etc.We participate annually in events of great international importance: Greece, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Romania, Algeria, Cyprus, Georgia, Lebanon, Albania, Jordan, etc.In October 2014, SIPO received an invitation from the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) to establish collaborative relationships.We obtained a Membership, a Board member and a President in the UMEMPS. Moreover, during the eighth European Congress of Pediatrics, in Bucharest, FOUR Italians were appointed Masters of European Pediatrics. Many other Colleagues have been awarded titles and awards.

We have four websites (Romania, Arab countries, Albania and Balkan countries, SIPO) that are very active. Finally, SIPO in the world has also thought about world peace and children suffering from wars. For this reason it has established an intense collaboration with Italian Military Health that operates in dangerous war missions. On 21 March 2024, SIPO and Healthcare Italian Military have organized in Caserta a congress dedicated to peace in the world. On this occasion the Italian Post Office issued three special postcards with a special postmarks. We are waiting for it to be recognized officially the day of March 21 as "DAY FOR PEACE IN THE WORLD OF PEDIATRIC HOSPITAL ITALIAN AND MEDICAL MILITARY ITALIAN".


Vendemmia S, Perri D, Vendemmia M, --Updates in Pediatrics and Neonatology, Cuzzolin Publisher, Naples, 2024